Every case of onboarding is unique. Together, we will look for an optimal use of the applications, matching the organisation. In a number of steps, we will take a closer look at the entire process and we will guide and direct the implementation.
From the kick-off, software configuration and integration to the final training.
Project onboarding

How does onboarding work?

We'll start at the basis: mapping out your process. Then, we'll translate this information into the perfect process for your organisation. Lastly, we'll configurate the software and migrate your data.
Through our standardised way of working, your project will be live within 4 to 6 weeks. The complete project consists of the following phases:
week 1

Kick-off workshop

During this phase, all processes will be mapped out and we'll provide some advice on matters you hadn't even thought about.
week 2

Process Flow design

During this phase we will optimalise the process and present our understanding of your processes back to you.
Are we on the same page? Then it's time to move on. Do we need some adjustments? Let's work on it!
week 3/4


During this phase, we will make a prototype of your set-up. We'll walk through this together and once you're happy with it, we'll continue to the next step.
week 5

Data import and linking

Depending on the software project, in this phase we will mentor either the import of the data from your former system to the new one or the integration of other systems.

week 6

Agent & Admin training

As the name suggests, we will be training agents & admins in this phase.


The software is now ready and your people have been trained. Time to start working with the software!

Ready for the next step?

As soon as the onboarding is finished and all users and admins have been trained, you can get started. From experience, we know that the real questions are about to come up now. In order to provide an optimal adoption of the tools we offer our "Remote Success" service.

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