Easily improve your CX

integrate sales and aftersales

Zendesk develops the best tools to improve your customer experience. By integrating these tools you create unique opportunities for your business to be distinctive.
Zendesk Sell CRM offers your buyers a simple tool to close deals easier and faster, attract new business and manage your existing customers.
Zendesk Support includes a user-friendly system for your customer service team to track, prioritise and solve questions from all channels.
Studio is Zendesk Sell EMEA Parter of the year 2021 and consists of certified employees to guarantee you, as our client, an optimal quality of our service.

Make quality scalable

Integrate the systems of the departments that have the most customer contact, so the right context is at hand with every interaction and you can dazzle your customer. Increase your customer loyalty and retain the cooperation for a longer period.
The complete 360-degrees customer profile is now within reach, for your business as well!

Improved customer meetings



Increased cooperation between support and sales teams


More transparancy for taking better business desicions


Never ever miss a lead

On a daily basis, your support team is in touch with existing customers from which up- and cross sell possibilities arise. Apart from that, there are also often sales leads coming in through these customer service channels.
By a simple integration of Zendesk's sales and support systems, you can forward that lead to the sales team with only one click.
Doing so, prevents you from missing out on any sales opportunity while improving your teams' mutual cooperation.

Exceed your customer's expectations and regain valuable time

Customers have a certain expectation when it comes to your company's service, and they don't differentiate between sales and support. That means that your sales team will spend a lot of time every day, solving issues that are actually supposed to go to the support team. The sales employee can easily register the customer's question or complaint in his CRM and forward it to the support team. Exceed your customer's expectations by automatically following up on these tickets with the highest priority.

This way, the customer is helped out quickly and the sales employees regain valuable time to work on issues they excel in, which are sales-driven activities.

Make your support-interactions visible to sales

In creating a complete customer profile, the interactions the customer has had with the support staff are vital.
Zendesk Sell CRM allows you to see all new and open tickets at a glance on the customer's chart, and you can easily check the complete history.
By doing so, your sales employees are always completely aware of what's going on. Prevent frustration by always being well-informed and reaching out at the right time.

An overview of all benefits


All customer contact in one system


Fast communication between different departments


User-friendly applications


Improved Customer Experience


Amaze the customer while regaining valuable time

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